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Miranda, what’s the last thing you remember?

downeysus: happy birthday! :)

Thank you (:

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when your followers know your name


letsgetdowney: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have an awesome day :)

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If I picked for you the ten worst moments of my life, they were probably the ten most defining moments of my life. Whether they’re that complete rejection by a girl that doesn’t even know you’re crazy about her, and you are distracted riding your bike to school, and just as you look over at her, you take a complete ass-over flip into a shrub. And the girl just looks at you and keeps on walking with an expression that says, “Who is that schmuck?” And that’s every bit as significant to me as the moment I met Susan, in a rehearsal space with Halle Berry in Montreal ten years ago, and thought, Wow, she’s pretty damn cute for a boss.

robertosdorito: Happy Birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes come true))))

Thank you! I hope they come true too